i p a i n t i t v i v i d .


i o s o n o u n a r t i s t a

  • Li7photo.com is a collaborative hub of photographers within the Winnipeg, Manitoba market. With its current core working group of 4 members consisting of:

    • Michael Talastas
    • Charles Venzon
    • Joshua Tamayo
    • Gail Tolentino

    In an over saturated market of aspiring photographers, Li7photo takes a different approach in developing our photographic technique. Collectively we strive to create imagery on a level above the average photographer through equal partnership.

    We pool our creative vision and equipment to ensure each member is able to display their vision beyond their individual capacity. Li7photo is about about developing our talent & sharing knowledge.

    Check out our behind the scenes portfolio at http://www.Li7photo.wordpress.com/